Tracing farmed salmon
– from sea to table


SalmoTrace provides the only solution that allows for precise tracing of farmed fish throughout the entire value chain.

This is accomplished using unique DNA signatures. By accurately tracing farmed fish throughout the value chain, we can ensure both sustainable farming and healthier fish. Consumers can know with certainty where the fish originated.
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Complete and precise tracing systems are increasingly demanded, both for fish farming and seafood in general. It is estimated that up to 36% of global seafood is inaccurately labeled. Being able to trace escaped farmed fish back to their original location is desirable both from a regulatory perspective and for farmers. SalmoTrace seeks to improve the aquaculture industry by taking a leading role in the traceability of salmon and other species.

Our History

SalmoTrace was founded in 2020, based on over 20 years of research and development.

The story of SalmoTrace began at DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in the early 2000s. DNV developed a technology aimed at using DNA to trace oil tankers. The purpose was to trace the origin of oil in case of accidents causing oil spills.
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In 2005, our founder aquired this technology and has since worked on commercializing it for other purposes. For instance, the technology has been used to DNA-tag banknotes, fashion/pharmaceutical products, as well as other types of products. It has been used to distinguish legitimate products from counterfeits and/or illegal distributions.

The technology has also been utilized in the petroleum industry, both in oil production and for the distribution of refined petroleum products. In oil production, tracing the reservoir fluids is relevant to better map the reservoir, and thereby increase oil production. In the distribution of products like gasoline and diesel, it is important to ensure that products are traded within the correct tax regime. This can prevent the illegal use of products, such as diesel, that are subsidized and intended for agriculture.


Our DNA technology has been developed for more than 20 years and originates in DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

The technology differs from the tracing methods used by others, which typically involves analyzing the natural DNA of the fish. The challenge with such methods is that all farmed fish come from a narrow genetic background, and detecting the fish’s natural DNA provides no precise traceability.
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No other solution on the market today can trace farmed fish as precisely as the technology SalmoTrace has developed. Using unique DNA signatures that are injected into each individual fish allows each farmed fish to be traced to its origin. The DNA is an inert signature, which alters neither the fish nor its quality. Injections are usually performed during the regular vaccination, adding a DNA marker that can identify each individual fish. The injected DNA is then detected through a rapid analysis, which can be performed at any point in the value chain.


Several areas of use

SalmoTrace’s DNA technology can be applied in many areas, in addition to farmed fish. SalmoTrace experience an interest in additional types of foodstuffs, such as cheese and wine, as well as trademarked goods requiring the identification of genuine products from counterfeited or illegally distributed ones.

SalmoTrace consider providing our DNA technology to new areas of use.

The Process

The people

Dag Haugse


  • Master in Business and Economics, BI Norwegian Business School
  • Experience from i.a. Enron, DNV etc.
Benedicte Fossum

Board member

  • Veterinarian, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Founder, Pharmaq AS
  • Board experience from i.a. Codfarmers, Cermaq, VESO, Patogen, Cloudberry etc.
Harald Norvik

Board member

  • Master in Business and Economics, NHH Norwegian School of Economics
  • Board experience from i.a. ConocoPhillips, PGS, DeepOcean, Telenor, SAS etc.


SalmoTrace AS is a privately owned company with headquarters in Norway.

The company’s largest shareholder is DNA Tracer Technologies AS, a Norwegian company active in the development and commercialization of DNA technologies for various industries. SalmoTrace offers tracing-solutions for the global aquaculture industry and others seeking traceability for their products and brands.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a shareholder in SalmoTrace.



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